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Paradise Photography has a role to play in everybody’s life. We launched ourselves with the aim of capuring people on real-time and preserving the moment forever. With photography, the word ‘forever’ was made possible, and when Paradise comes along they become ‘beautiful and realistic’ as well…

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Beach Photography

Your moments at the beach are the most loveliest ones. Do not forget to store them forever with Paradise Photography.

Candid Photography

You need not have to take the strain of posing. We know that it is imperative for you to look good anywhere, anytime. That is why we specialised ourselves in candid photography.

Landscape Photography

Turn all your wildest photography dreams into reality with Paradise Photography. Landscape Photography has evoled a lot and so did our photographers.

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Beach Photography Tips

Beach Photography Tips

Beaches provide the camera owners with an opportunity to shoot brilliant pictures. The background is splendid, and it provides good color and light to take perfect photos. However, beaches also do provide many challenges. You do not get much private space on a beach, and the sand gets everywhere. The following are few tips for you to get the perfect shot at your beach photo shoot.

Capture the enjoyment:

When we hear the word beach, we immediately relate it to relaxation and fun. Beach is the place to go when you want to capture the enjoyment of people. You can make your family and friends run around in the beach and set your camera to the mode to manual and use a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second so that you will be able to freeze a movement and capture the image.

Try to use a small aperture and set the lens to auto focus and also make sure that the lens is on autofocus so that it constantly focuses the moving subjects. Also, do not forget to protect the lens from the beach sand and the UV rays.

Look out for the time:

Timing is quite important for when you decide to take pictures in the beach. Some of the best times to choose are the beginning and the ending of the day. The beach will be less crowded during this time, and the sun will be shining at an angle which is perfect for many exciting effects and colors. As the sun sets, the entire beach becomes golden, and it is perfect to capture photos during that time.

Watch out for wide and open spaces:

One of the common mistakes photographers do is capture a lot of wide open space and horizons. You need to make sure to keep the background within the frame. Try to make sure that the picture does not look like it has chopped off a part of the horizon.

Go to the beach when the crowd is less:

Having the beach for yourself is nice. You can capture some of the best photos when the beach is empty with no one. Try to go to the beaches when there is bad weather. You can capture the dramatic clouds and many other brilliant pictures of the sea.

Use UV Filters:

UV filters protect the lens of your camera, and they also filter out the ultraviolet light that is in range of your camera. Using UV filters can help you to cut down on the atmospheric haze, and it is a must if you are planning to take your DSLR to the beach.

Take black and white photos:

Black and white shots turn out to be brilliant when taken at the beach. You can select the metering mode and use a flash to avoid all the dark spots. If you feel that the sky is dull, you can take black and white photos.

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Surefire Landscape Photography Tips

Surefire Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape photography is a beautiful art, and there is something special about capturing the beauty of nature. It is always a great joy to wait in patience to get the perfect shot. Landscape photography is also one of the most popular topics in photography schools, and it is a wonderful experience to sit in quietness and wait for the perfect moment to capture the best photo.

The following are some of the landscape photography tips:

Maximize the Depth Field:

Try to make sure that you are able to capture as much as possible in your picture. You can do this by choosing a small aperture. When you have a small aperture the depth of field will be more for all the pictures you take. The amount of light that hits these small apertures is very less, and thus you need to adjust this by increasing your shutter speed.

Use Tripod:

Due to the low light, you will have to have longer shutter speed, and thus you need to make sure that your camera is completely still when you click the picture, and you can do this by using a tripod. To improve the stillness of the camera, you can also use a cable or even a wireless shutter.

Figure out the focal point:

Every photo needs a particular focal point in them, and the same applies to landscape photography. You will need to a perfect focal point, especially for landscape photography. Without the focal point, the entire picture would look empty, and the person who is looking at the picture will not know where to look, and their eyes will be wandering all over the photo not knowing where to look. Make sure that you are able to identify where to place the focal point in the picture.

Give importance to the skies:

Skies play a major role in landscape photography. If you feel that the sky is beautiful, then consider including it in your picture, but if the sky is dull and bland, then it is better to avoid the sky. At least do not make the sky to dominate your photo so that it does not dull your entire picture. The sky is filled with interesting cloud formations and other things. Watch out for those things and try to capture the beautiful clouds.


You need to know how to lead the people’s eyes to view your landscape picture. Try to have lines in your picture so that it will guide the viewers to the place you want them to see. When you have lines in your picture, it gives depth to the images.

Choose the perfect weather:

The climatic conditions play a major role in landscape photography. Sometimes even rainy days make a brilliant background, and you don’t always have to wait for the sun.